The reports provide a comprehensive view of the results of your cleaning program and guide you to the areas that will have the most impact to improve your process.

With Performance Driven Management measurements, you can visualize in reports where problems are and make better management decisions to resolve the issues.

Key Performance Indexes

With a simple glance, a simple comparison with previous measurements will tell you if you’re improving or not. We give this free for all customers.

Defect Percentage

The most simple way to read a room, how many things are wrong. This is a performance metric of how many defective items where found

Customer Satisfaction

Your customers and visitors can tell a different picture. People using your space are important to your business, if they are dissatisfied, they may no-longer be customers.

ATP Levels

Every surface has organic bacteria, in some cases, the levels of this bacteria need to be closely regulated to maintain a clean area for people.

ATP reader equipment required

Focused Reports

Each measurement yields a series of reports, that enable useful distribution with your team without overwhelming members with too much data.

Printable Reports

We are big fans of paperless, but sometimes you just want a hard copy. We offer our reports in PDF format for you to print when necessary.