Measurement of the results of your program can be performed by any member of your designated team while walking around your property at any time.

Continuous Measurement is the practice of measuring the results of your cleaning program on a continual basis. Our Measurement mobile app enables you to inspect the cleanliness of your facility using our mobile application daily.

The mobile app seamlessly integrates with the Performance Measurement platform providing instant analysis of over cleaning or under cleaning based on the quality results you specify. Start a free trial and see for yourself how quickly you can start measuring and improving your results.

Measurement App

Performance Driven Management empowers a paperless environment via an intuitive measurement application. Look, tap, next it’s the fastest way to perform a measurement

Photo Evidence Capture

When necessary photos can be added to them to support your findings.

Notes for items or Room Areas

Communication is key, and sometimes crucially important to the resolution of a problem.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Record what your customers are saying with a simple survey that can be asked to customers and visitors of any of your rooms.

Offline Access

Intermittent Internet Connectivity? No problem, measurement can still be performed without a connection.

Health Assessment - ATP Recording

If you have ATP reporting equipment, you can log the result of the tested item with your measurement for a comprehensive measurement of your program


Performance Driven Management allows full customization over what is important to your property. Some rooms may need to more satisfactory than others, you have full control over this.


If you’re managing a hospital, one would speculate that your operating theater is more important than the restrooms.

File Import

Get your account started quickly from a Spreadsheet template.

_* Application currently only available on Android 10" devices_